Shironuri Inspired Makeup Tutorial – Dolly Pink


EOS Sole 1T Brown


Circle lenses for cosplay – Sassy girl 215 Green


Circle lenses for kawai looks – My Honey Violet By EOS


ulzzang circle lenses – My Honey Brown By EOS


Yandere stimulation cosplay makeup tutorial


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Soft grunge look feat. sunflower brown circle lenses 


makeup tutorial : ulzzang eyes featuring sunflower violet circle lenses 


Yandere simulator cosplay makeup tutorial by Nika Mestrovic 


Glam makeup tutorial Featuring leaf green by colors of the wind


Halloween makeup tutorial featuring ‘Husky crazy lenses’


We happy few -cosplay makeup tutorial by @kirsten_ria using freshtone blue lenses


Vampire Makeup tutorial

by @kirsten_ria

using the ”inferno” crazy lenses 


KPOP inspired makeup by @kirsten_Ria

feat. Eclipse rainbow brow by I-codi


Space queen inspired makeup by @kirsten_ria  using lotus g-306 sapphire by eos 

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Ellik Creations


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Nika’s all time favourite circle lenses !!


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Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial by Ellik Creations using the ”Bloody Eye” crazy lenses 


Cosplay makeup tutorial – Kaname Madoka and Yami Golden

feat. sweet ruby (colors of the wind) by @nikamestrovic


Torn Flesh/skeleton makeup tutorial by Ellik Creations

using the ”Lunatic” crazy lenses 


D.Gray-man makeup tutorial by @yuuma_v