Q. How long will my order take to ship?

As explained in the items description most items dispatch in 2 weeks sometimes though it make take more.

Q. Can I rush my order through?

Please contact me via the online chat or email us at info@pastel-dreams.com if you need these for a special event prior your order.

Q. What is your returns policy?

I do not currently accept refunds or returns. When you place your order, I am making the order custom for you, and I spend 4-18 hours on each of my pieces. I take this responsibility seriously, and will do everything in my power to make sure you are pleased with your order. Please understand that it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to ensure the proper size is ordered for shoes and other items.

NOTE THAT THESE ARE UK SIZES !! check here before you place an order!

Once an item is paid for I do not accept cancellations.

Q. The Heel/strap is broken can I return it??

I do not construct any of the shoes in my listings, I simply apply my design to the ready made shoes. If you have an issue with the basic construction of the shoe itself, I would be happy to provide you with the manufacturer’s information from where I purchased the item. I take pride in purchasing quality items for each of my designs, but please understand that I hold no responsibility for the construction of the shoe itself. If you dont like something in the basic form of the shoes message me prior your order and I will find the right heel / fit for you. Please know your high heel and costume capabilities or limitations before purchasing any product. If a problem occurs and I dont hold responsibility for carelessness, lack of judgement, or improper use.

Additionally, if you are concerned with finding a perfect fit for your order, please contact me directly. This will allow me to research the shoe reviews prior to purchasing, and ensure they are “true to size.” Please understand that it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to ensure the proper size is ordered for shoes and other items.

Q. Will the actual shoes look exactly like the way they do on the website?

All of my designs are 100% custom. I am open to adding/changing any design to meet your needs. The designs pictured in every listing were custom made for clients of mine. If you purchase a pair of shoes from the listing, you can expect the overall design to be the same, with slight variances. For example the position of the drips at the icecream heels and the sprinkles, the color as well may be slightly different as the ”icing” is made by a mixture of different materials and paints. This ensures that no two orders are the same! If platform pumps aren’t for you, almost all of my designs can be duplicated on a different style of shoe. Just message us

Q. Are the shoes durable??

Please keep in mind that these are still shoes. As with any footwear, general scuffing will occur. For example you wouldn’t wear a pair of suede heels in a rainy day right??

Although I have sealed the paint with waterproof varnish I suggest you avoid wearing the handpainted platforms in rainy days and risk stepping into mud.

For Hand painted platforms some touch-ups may be needed over time. I recommend any flat acrylic paint for this. Regarding the icecream heels some sprinkles may fall over time I cant prevent this from happening, if you need to replace some I have a simple solution, feel free to message me to give you detailed instructions.

Q. Help!! I wore my new sailor moon platform at a festival and they got dirty ! What do I do??

You can not scrub them too hard, nor can you submerge them into water. However, if there is just a little bit of dirt then you can definitely use a wet (damp) rag to gently clean them. Scrubbing them too harshly may cause to pass through the protective matte layer and then the paint may bled all over. I have used spray-on varnish to seal the color however I don’t suggest to wear them in a heavy rain or a snowy day. Clean each stain separately and try not to blend colors just in case.

Q. Do you offer half sizes??

No sorry the manufacturer that I get my supplies doesnt offer half sizes. I suggest you order a half size up and with straps. Message prior to your purchase to see if it is in stock

Note that I order the large sizes from a manufacturer in spain so those take more time to customize

Q. Do you have larger/ men’s sizes in the yru platforms ?

I am really sorry but I haven’t found a supplier in uk that sells large cttc/yru sizes. I can paint in buffalo/some models of demonia shoes but note that the price will adjust a lot as buffalo is an expensive brand.

Q. Can you craft a custom design that I have in mind ??

Yes I can do that 🙂 As long as you know what you want,please use the online chat to explain what do u have in mind, if i dont think i can make it though i might refuse to take this order.

Q. Do you do you do wholesale or bulk orders at a discount?I need shoes for 7 persons for my upcoming wedding.

To estimate the wholesale prices, we have to know what designs/color/sizes and the quantity you’d be interested in so we can firstly check the availability of materials and then give you the final price and the approximate time we will need to process the order.

DISCLAIMER: Do not leave any item purchased from my shop in high temperatures. These should not be left in your car, outside, or under any intense conditions. Many designs are extreme, and should be worn with caution. Please know your high heel and costume capabilities or limitations before purchasing any product. My best advice is to use common sense. Extreme steel spikes are obviously not intended for a drunken night running around town. If you have a question regarding any design, always ask prior to buying. Pastel-dreams is not responsible for the misuse of these products, or any injury you may inflict by carelessness, lack of judgement, or improper use. Some items are intended for photo shoots or costume use, NOT for everyday wear.

PASTEL-DREAMS : info@pastel-dreams.com