striking blue colored contact lenses

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striking blue colored contacts by web lenses

Additional information


14.5 mm


12 months


2 – Tone

Base Curve

8.60 mm

Water Content

45 %

2 reviews for Striking blue

  1. akv2001 (verified owner)

    I bought these really quick because I needed some blue contacts that were more vibrant then the pair I owned so I got these ones. As soon as I put them on I loved them. They are so bright and really hide my natural eye color (which is hazel) quite well. I always have issues with blue contacts because most show my natural color a lot but these ones didn’t. They are also super comfortable and didn’t make my eyes dry unlike other lenses. Overall these contacts are great!

  2. info (verified owner)

    Great quality! It is really comfortable in your eye and it makes your eyes look brighter. It works even in dark eyes. The color looks pretty natural. They are comfy to wear for hours.

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