Yuno gasai cosplay by @PastelUsagi

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Yuno Gasai  is the main female protagonist of Future Diary series. She is the Second in the Survival Game and she is the owner of the “Yukiteru Diary/ Diary of future love”. If you guys love yandere anime characters you should definitely check out ”future diary” !! You can get the lenses used in this makeup tutorial here  ➡⬅ Check out […]

Cosplay of the day: Krul Tepes from owari no seraph by @inevelichka using Red Manson circle lenses from our Crazy lenses series!

  @Inevelichka did it again with an amazing cosplay of Krul Tepes from the dark fantasy manga Seraph of the end (Owari no seraph) using our Red Manson circle lenses from our crazy lenses series! check out the step by step tutorial to achieve this look!! Red Manson

Yandere Simulator cosplay makeup tutorial by @Nikamestrovic

Yandere Simulator  is an anime-styled hitman game based on the premise of the anime archetype “Yandere”: a psychotic and violent female who shows affection towards her crush. In this case, as one might expect, you play as a girl named Yandere-chan who is infatuated with a boy called Senpai. Nika mestrovic : ”If you like […]

Cosplay of the Day: Lavi Bookman cosplay by @inevelichka using Green Manson circle lenses from our Crazy lenses series

Honoring the 10th anniversary of Dr. Gray Man comics serialization @inevelichka decided to make a makeup tutorial of her favorite character Lavi Bookman from the series using our Green Manson lenses from our Crazy Lenses series! cosplayer : @inevelichka  

Suicide squad inspired makeup by @olddollsstillplay

— Suicide squad inspired makeup by @olddollsstillplay  — Hii everyone, this is gonna be a super quick post, I just wanted to share with you a look that @olddollsstillplay tried out. As most of you probably know, the movie Suicide Squad has come out in cinema, I’ve seen a few youtubers ( NikkieTutorials , Han […]

steampunk look : By Irene Astral

steampunk ankle boots custom pastel dreams compass pattern beautiful

Ayria Rae: What’s the flightplan? Model, Styling: Irene Astral Photography: Undefiled Photography & Editing MUAH: Eve Estenzia Clothing, Accessories: AstralWork Creations Shoes: Pastel-Dreams  Steampunk Ankle Boots -sample ready to go- #steampunk #mecha #mechanical #wings #sexy#boudoir #shoes #fantasy #concept #romantic#vintage #books #suitcase #fairytale #leather #girl#model #artistic #steam #steampunkgirl  

cosplay of the day: Allen walker cosplay by @yuuma_v using fay violet circle lenses by eos

These lenses do not bear over-dramatic pattern. In the absence of such important essentials of circle lenses; these are left with plain but solid color with a diameter of 14.5mm. This is why; they blend in flawlessly accentuate your natural eye color !! Suggested for cosplay and everyday looks no wonder why Fay is one […]