Pastel-Dreams is a hand painted/custom made shoes and accessories store founded at 2013 inspired from the alternative,harajuku japanese street fashion.Pastel-Dreams intends to bridge the gap between art and fashion by creating shoes that are works of art. We can create custom one of a kind designs to suit your needs or we can create a copy of something you have seen in our gallery.
I can create heels for special events along with multiple sets for weddings as well.
The great thing about what we do is it’s a fresh new idea! If you want to stand out on your special day, or just want to strut your stuff in our masterpieces, then look no further.
I am very passionate about creating one of a kind custom works of art. I feel that every woman deserves to feel special and not have the same shoes that someone else does. Thanks for visiting us and I look forward to designing your ideas!
At 2015 our love and passion about kawaii fashion brought us to the decision to expand our business into cosmetic colored contact lenses. All our lenses are made of perfectly safe material that are ISO certified, KFDA approved and widely sold in all over the world.Looking for circle lenses or color contact lenses to lighten up your look? You’re in the right place!!!
Whether you’re looking for natural looking circle lens, vibrant color change or Lenses without thick black limbal ring, you name it, we have it.
Here’s what we promise you at ; efficient delivery, prompt customer services, safe-to-wear circle lenses and we promise many more exciting new colors in the near future.